Why a BS in Renewable Materials?

A more sustainable society requires that we use more renewable materials to make the products we need rather than continue to depend on oil and other non-renewable materials.  The demand for a greener future is at the heart of the WS&E department and especially of our degree programs.  Please use this site as your entry into the research, teaching and outreach programs at OSU that support that vision.

We offer an undergraduate degree program in RENEWABLE MATERIALS to educate and train the next generation of leaders and innovators for exciting and diverse careers that will make a difference toward a sustainable future. Our degree program is accredited by SWST.

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WS&E News

Corvallis company striving to introduce first formaldehyde-free, bio-based adhesive for manufacturing particleboard and other wood products

“For 60 years, formaldehyde off-gassing has been an issue with urea-formaldehyde, the most common adhesive used in a particleboard and fiberboard,” said Fred Kamke, OSU professor of wood science and engineering and director of the Green Building Materials Lab, an Oregon BEST Lab on the OSU campus. “Although emissions have been reduced dramatically over the years, formaldehyde is still being emitted and some markets are demanding formaldehyde-free solutions.”

Does gender diversity in forestry companies matter?

The forest industry is faced with the generational transition of a greying workforce that is reaching retirement age. The oncoming wave of retirements presents a significant opportunity to recruit a young, vibrant, and more diverse workforce that can help move the industry into a more competitive future.

Funding Available for 10+ New Graduate Students Through New Advanced Wood Products Center

The Department of Wood Science & Engineering is looking for a cohort of 10+ new graduate students (MS or PhD) to serve as Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs) to support research conducted by the National Center for Advanced Wood
Products Manufacturing and Design. Please see flyer for more information on how you can be considered for this type of funding.



WSE Seminar Series: Susan Curington, North Woods Figured Woods

How one local small family business, North Woods, specializes in Pacific NW hardwoods by salvaging traditionally low value wood and turning it into high value, highly sought after craft supply material for Woodworkers both Nationally and Internationally. …


WSE Seminar Series: John Donoghue, Northwest Mycological Consultants

John Donoghue, an alumnus of OSU, has been working with the mushroom industry worldwide for over 30 years as Research Associate and now President of Northwest Mycological Consultants Inc., a company founded in 1985 by Bill Denison. John has…


Dissertation Defense: Meisam Shir Mohammadi, "Developing a Design Model for Cellulose Nanocrystal Composites"

Today nano scale materials are being used for wide range of applications. One promising topic in nano scale materials is using them for reinforcement of different polymeric materials to reach desirable stiffness properties. The stiffness of these materials is mostly found experimentally because…