Why a BS in Renewable Materials?

A more sustainable society requires that we use more renewable materials to make the products we need rather than continue to depend on oil and other non-renewable materials.  The demand for a greener future is at the heart of the WS&E department and especially of our degree programs.  Please use this site as your entry into the research, teaching and outreach programs at OSU that support that vision.

We offer an undergraduate degree program in RENEWABLE MATERIALS to educate and train the next generation of leaders and innovators for exciting and diverse careers that will make a difference toward a sustainable future. Our degree program is accredited by SWST.

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WS&E News

Cross Laminated Timber Manufacturing to be Considered in the Pacific Northwest

Oregon BEST announced a $150,000 funding opportunity that will pair DR Johnson Lumber Company, of sourthern Oregon, and Oregon State University researchers to investigate introducing the manufacturing of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in the Pacific Northwest. 


Tornadoes Raise Questions About Building Practices, Code Enforcement

There is no practical, economic way to build structures that could stand up to the savagery of EF5 tornadoes like those that ripped through the South in late April, experts say, but damage from lesser storms could be reduced by better building practices and better enforcement of existing codes.

Timber! The College of Forestry sharpens the way it tackles tough problems

Dean Thomas Maness discusses how the College of Forestry plans to build a $60 million research and teaching complex and help lead Oregon and the world into a new age of forest and wood science while reviving rural Oregon economies.



WFGRS - Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium

The annual Western Forestry Graduate Research Symposium (WFGRS), hosted by Oregon State University‚Äôs College of Forestry (COF), showcases current graduate student research. The purpose of this symposium is to promote academic excellence by challenging students to present their work to and receive feedback…


WSE Seminar Series: Dr. Thomas Tannert, Associate Chair of Wood Building Design & Construction, UBC

Recent changes in North American building codes as well as supporting legislation have created new possibilities for the structural application of timber in mid-rise and industrial construction. The introduction of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), a well-established construction material in Europe, to the North American…


WSE Seminar Series: Alyson Wade, MS Student

Small landowners in the state of Oregon are often unable to be competitive with larger companies to provide traditional forest products to consumers.  Additionally, many landowners hope to be profitable from their land, but are not necessarily interested in or have the capability…