Current Undergraduate Students

Renewable Materials majors should plan on seeing their advisor at least once a term to plan what courses to take and when.  Here are some key links to help:

Renewable Materials Curriculum

Marketing and Management Option Checklist and Flowchart

Science and Engineering Option Checklist and Flowchart

RM Course syllabi

OSU Catalog undergraduate course descriptions

Richardson Scholarships

Common Forms--Work Experience; Registration Overrides

Work Experience Requirement

All RM majors must complete six months of satisfactory work experience to graduate.  This is usually completed during the summer, but some students work for local employers during the school year.  We require this experience so that you can explore different job settings and become more confident in your initial career path.  You get to earn money, but more importantly you get work experience that counts on your resume and often leads to permanent employment.

The WSE faculty will be happy to help you, but you are in charge of finding these experiences, just as you are in charge of your education and your future!

Forest Products Club

A great way to gain leadership experience, get to know your fellow students and more about career opportunities is the Forest Products Club.  Look for meeting announcements posted in Richardson Hall.  The club is affiliated with the Forest Products Society.

There are a variety of other clubs and extracurricular activities on campus—you should check those out.  Employers look for graduates with diverse experiences and interests.

Book Scholarships

RM majors not receiving a Richardson Scholarship are eligible for a $100 per term book scholarship if your GPA is 2.8 or greater.  You may earn  a maximum of five (5) book scholarships.

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