Sara Robinson

Assistant Professor, Anatomy of Renewable Materials

Richardson Hall 232
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Educational Background

Ph.D., Forest Science (Wood Science), Michigan Technological University, 2010
M.S., Forest Science (Wood Science), Michigan Technological University, 2005
B.S., Criminal Justice/Art & Design - Woodworking, Northern Michigan University, 2003


WSE 312 - Wood and Fiber Anatomy

Areas of Interest

Wood anatomy; spalting; wood aesthetics; applied wood mycology.

Current/Recent Programs

Development of fungal pigments for painting vascular plants and textiles.

Selected Publications

Robinson, S.C., Tudor, D., Mansourian, Y., Cooper, P.A. The effects of several commercial wood coatings on the deterioration of biological pigments in wood exposed to UV light. Wood Science and Technology in press

Robinson, S.C., Tudor, D., Snider, H., Cooper, P.A. 2012. Stimulating growth and xylindein production of Chlorociboria aeruginascens in agar-based systems. AMB Express 2(15).

Robinson, S.C. 2012. Developing fungal pigments for ‘painting’ vascular plants. Invited submission. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 93(4):1389-1394.

Robinson, S.C., Tudor, D., Cooper, P.A. 2012. Utilizing pigment-producing fungi to add commercial value to American beech (Fagus grandifolia). Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 93(3):1041-1048.

Robinson, S.C., Tudor, D., Cooper, P.A. 2011. Feasibility of using red pigment producing fungi to stain wood for decorative applications. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41:1722-1728.

Robinson, S.C. 2011. Spalted Wood – Health and Safety. American Woodturner Journal August: 44-51.

Robinson, S.C. 2011. Destroying uniformity: Using fungi to add a tactile and visual experience to functional wood. Leonardo Journal 44(2):145-151.

Robinson, S.C. 2010. Spalted Wood. American Woodturner Journal December: 22-28.