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Name Position Type Title Research Interests Contact Information
Brown, Ryan Staff (541) 737-6702
Brown, Terry Faculty Professor Emeritus
Bruck, Sonia Graduate Student 301E Richardson Hall
(541) 737-8465
Brunner, Charles Faculty Professor Emeritus
Buotte, Polly Faculty Research Associate 342 Richardson Hall
Burke, Emily Graduate Student
Campbell, John Faculty Assistant Professor (Senior Research)
  • Disturbance Ecology
  • Forest Ecology
306 Richardson Hall
Cappellazzi, Jed Faculty Faculty Research Assistant 240 Richardson Hall
(541) 324-4270
Cargill, Samantha Graduate Student 448 Snell Hall
Carlson, Carol Staff (541) 737-2483
Carlson, Deanne Graduate Student 301J Richardson Hall
(541) 737-8469
Cash, Ashton Graduate Student
Cash, Ashton Graduate Student
Castellano, Michael Faculty Courtesy Faculty
  • Mycorrhiza Ecology
  • Tropical Forestry
(541) 750-7382
Cervantes, Andrew Graduate Student
Cheng, Nancy Faculty Courtesy Faculty
Chung, Woodam Faculty Associate Professor
  • Forest Planning
320 Snell Hall
(541) 737-8248
Clair, Brooke Staff 133 Snell Hall
(541) 737-1593
Clauson, Milo Faculty Senior Faculty Research Assistant 140 Richardson Hall
(541) 737-4248
Cleaver, Kellie Student Employee Student Clerical 210 Snell Hall
Cohen, Warren Faculty Assistant Professor (Courtesy)
  • Remote Sensing
362 FSL
(541) 750-7322
Cole, Liz Faculty Senior Faculty Research Assistant 201C Richardson Hall
(541) 737-6106
Collins, Michael Staff Director of Marketing and Communications 132 Richardson Hall
(541) 737-3140
Conroy, Kendall Graduate Student 246 Richardson Hall
Cordova, Patricia Staff 154 Peavy Hall
(541) 737-1587