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Name Position Type Title Research Interests Contact Information
Humphreys, Marissa Graduate Student
Huntington, Geoff Faculty Director, Strategic Initiatives
  • Forest Policy, Private
  • Forest Policy, Public
150 Peavy Hall
(541) 737-9103
Huth, Emily Graduate Student
Irizarry, Susie Graduate Student 301B Richardson Hall
Irving, Alex Faculty Faculty Research Assistant 304 Richardson Hall
Jackson, Royal Faculty Professor Emeritus
  • International Forestry
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Tourism
Jacob, Rob Graduate Student
Jahedi, Sina Graduate Student
Jameson, Sandy Staff 401 Snell Hall
(541) 737-6548
Jarecke, Karla Graduate Student
Jayawickrama, Keith Faculty Director 220 Richardson Hall
(541) 737-8432
Jensen, Edward Faculty Professor Emeritus
  • Forest Ecology
  • Natural Resources
Jiang, Yueyang Faculty Postdoctoral Scholar 302 Richardson Hall
Johnson, Christal Graduate Student 223 Snell Hall
Johnson, Jim Faculty Senior Associate Dean and Program Leader
  • Extension
  • Forest Policy, Private
  • International Forestry
109E Richardson Hall
(541) 737-8954
Johnson, K. Faculty Professor Emeritus
  • Forest Planning
  • Forest Policy, Public
Jones, Cam Faculty Chemist 3
  • Chemistry
030A Peavy Hall
(541) 737-5122
Jones, Julia Faculty Adjunct professor
  • Aquatic ecosystems
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Spatial analysis
(541) 737-1224
Joo, Sukhyun Graduate Student 227 Snell Hall
Juliano, Kathryn Graduate Student
Justice, Michele Staff 140 Peavy Hall
(541) 737-6458
Kaiser, Doug Graduate Student
Kamke, Fred Faculty Professor and JELD-WEN Chair of Wood-based Composites Science
  • Adhesive Bonding
  • Heat & Mass Transfer
  • Wood-based Composites
  • Wood-Water Relationships
104 Richardson Hall
(541) 737-8422
Karchesy, Joe Faculty Professor Emeritus
Kaupe, Tiana Malia Graduate Student