Riggio, Mariapaola

Position Type: 
Job Title: 
Assistant Professor of Wood Design and Architecture
Wood Science & Engineering
Office Location: 

236 Richardson Hall

Phone Number: 
(541) 737-2138
Fax Number: 
(541) 737-3385
PhD, 2007 – Mechanical and Structural Engineering Dept. University of Trento, Italy
MS, 1997 – Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence, Italy
Research Areas: 
  • Art, Architecture and Design
  • Timber Engineering, Mechanics, and Structural Design
  • Timber Mechanics and Structural Engineering
  • Wood Architecture, Green Building and Environmental Performance
Research Interests: 
  • Advanced Wood Products in Architecture
  • Architecture & Engineering Interdisciplinary Research
  • Monitoring
  • Post Occupancy Evaluation
  • Renewable Materials in Architectural Design
  • Structural Health Assessment
Professional Experience

Assistant Professor (9/2015 to present): Department of Wood Science and Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA.
Researcher (5/2012 to 8/2015): Trees and Timber Institute, National Research Council of Italy, San Michele all’Adige, Italy
Post doc Researcher (2007 to 2012): Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering, University of Trento, Italy
Chartered architect (since 1998)

Professional Affiliations

RILEM RTE - TC (Reinforcement of Timber Elements in Existing Structures)
RILEM AST- TC (In-situ Assessment of Structural Timber)
ISCARSAH – ICOMOS (International Scientific Committee on the Analysis and Restoration of Structures of Architectural Heritage) Expert Member
COST Action FP1101 (Assessment, Reinforcement and Monitoring of Timber Structures);
Leader of the WG1 “Assessment of Timber Structures”, Core group member


Graduate Major Advisor
Courses Taught: 
WSE 225
Principles of Architectural Design with Wood and Other Renewable Materials
Introduction to architectural design, considering the different building requirements and the solutions available, with a focus on wood-based products and other ligno-cellulosic materials
WSE 425/525
Timber Tectonics in the Digital Age
An exploration of the advances in design, construction and fabrication of timber buildings. Includes experimentation with both physical and digital models and a final project, in collaboration with University of Oregon Architecture students.
Selected Publications: 
  1. How monitoring CLT buildings can remove market barriers and support designers in North America: an introduction to preliminary environmental studies* http://woodscience.oregonstate.edu/sites/woodscience/files/faculty-staff-images/2017_Riggio_ClemCimad.pdf
  2. What can Architecture students learn about wood and Wood Science & Engineering students about architecture? http://woodscience.oregonstate.edu/sites/woodscience/files/faculty-staff-images/2016_WCTE_education.pdf
  3. State of the Art Report on the Use of NDT/SDT for the assessment of structural timber members on site.
  4. Densified wooden nails for new timber assemblies and restoration works: a pilot research (Construction and Building Materials, 2016). http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1S9cC3O1E0-uWk
  5. Application of imaging techniques for detection of defects, damage and decay in timber structures on-site (Construction and Building Materials, 2015). http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1S7hr3O1E1101W

Complete Publications List:

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