Fore, Ruth

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Wood Science & Engineering
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Richardson Hall

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(541) 737-3385
Courses Taught: 
WSE 373
Wood Machining I
Familiarizes students with precision, accuracy standards and procedures necessary in the manufacture of value-added secondary wood products.
WSE 374
Wood Machining II
Students will become familiar with using CAD/CAM software and CNC techniques to take 3D product designs from concept through planning, to manufacturing, using modern wood product production workflows. Skills, software and concepts developed through the course are applicable to a wide variety of industrial design and production situations.
WSE 375
Wood Machining III
An experiential learning environment in which students design, produce, market, and sell a custom wood product in a virtual business setting. This course is intended to foster creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and problem solving, as well as enhance skills with woodworking equipment.