Portland Wood Magic

April 26th and 27th, 2016 

9:00am to 2:30pm at the Discovery Museum of the World Forestry Center.

What is Portland Wood Magic?The World Forestry building with a tree dispalying beautiful red autumn foliage

The World Forestry Center, in Portland, Oregon, will host Wood Magic, with its Bubbling Bazookas, Incredible Bendable Wood, Dr. Fire, and Wood Sandwiches. No, these aren't the latest musical rock group headliners to hit the Portland night scene. Rather, these are inventive names given to a selected sample of the nine presentations that comprise the Wood Magic Program created by Oregon State University.  Portland Wood Magic is held in spring of each year. Recently, on May 7th and 8th, 2013, over 1200 students, plus around 100 chaperones and teachers, visited the campus to partake in the program.

Oregon Wood Magic is a 2 hour, 45 minute interactive experience designed to educate third and fourth grade elementary school teachers and their students about the wonders of wood as a material. The program involves students and their teachers moving through a series of nine stations that cover aspects of science and technology relative to wood and wood products. The stations are designed to be visually stimulating and interactive, and will educate students about wood material and encourage students to think about resource issues.

"Our lives and the quality of our lives are touched by trees and wood everyday," says Hal Salwasser, former Dean, College of Forestry at OSU, "from obvious things like the houses we live in, the forests we love to hike in, to the not so obvious like the wood chemicals in toothpaste."

Trees and wood are essential resources, but many young people don't know much about trees and wood. So, as part of World Forestry Center's and Oregon State University's commitment to forest education, Wood Magic brings OSU scientists and educators to an innovative, hands-on, educational experience for young students to learn some of the wonderful and magical things about trees and wood. Our hope is that they not only learn more about why trees and wood are so important to us, but that some may even begin thinking about the possibility of careers in forest conservation and management or wood products manufacturing.

Oregon Wood Magic is housed in the Department of Wood Science & Engineering at Oregon State University. The University of Portland School of Education has contributed all of the lesson plans and periodically assesses the effectiveness of the program through a series of pre and post tests to participating students. The program receives financial support from the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, a state agency whose primary mission is to educate Oregonians about resource issues.

The World Forestry Center is a non-profit educational institution dedicated to educating and informing people about the world's forests and trees, and their relationship to all life, in order to promote a balanced and sustainable future. The Center owns and operates the Discovery Museum in Portland's Washington Park; Magness Memorial Tree Farm, a demonstration forest located near Wilsonville, Oregon; and the World Forest Institute, the international programs' division of the Center.


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For More Information Contact:

Jeff Morrell
Wood Magic Director
Department of Wood Science & Engineering
Oregon State University
119 Richardson Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-5751
Phone:  541-737-4222
Email: jeff dot morrell at oregonstate dot edu