Research Facilities

Boise Cascade Wood Science Teaching Laboratory

A 40 student teaching lab with modern AV equipment and fiber-optic network connections.

Environmental Rooms

Large walk-in temperature and humidity controlled storage and research facilities.

Fiber Characterization/Process Modeling Laboratory

Supports research on the basic thermal, mechanical, chemical and other processes that occur in composites manufacturing.

Forest Research Laboratory (Oak Creek Facility)

The former home of the Department, the OCL now houses a large engineering bay facility with fixed base test equipment and a wood treating cylinder. Indoor and outdoor storage for research and teaching are important elements of this facility located on the edge of campus. OCL also houses the College of Forestry Maintenance Shop with a full-time machinist and carpenter who provide research and teaching support services.

Gene D. Knudson Wood Engineering Laboratory

A 3000 sf. high-bay facility with 12 ft. high L-shaped reaction wall and 60x40 foot reaction floor to accommodate dynamic testing of large wood components and structural systems. It is equipped with servo-hydraulic test systems as well as specialized fixtures.

Giustina Foundation Wood Science & Engineering Computing Laboratory

State-of-the-art computer equipment for general departmental student use.

Information Services Center

A reading and student center with books and over 30 current periodicals from all over the world. Staffed with part-time clerical and student support.

Jeld-Wen Foundation Wood Polymer Chemistry Laboratory

Supports new initiatives in combining natural fiber with other polymeric materials; houses extensive equipment ranging from extruders to an atomic force microscope.

Mechanical Testing Laboratory

For small scale testing of materials, connections and components.

Peavy Hall

Peavy Hall is connected to Richardson Hall and houses most of the teaching classrooms for the Department and College. Specific Wood Science facilities include: Wood Chemistry Teaching and Research Laboratories

Richardson Hall

Most department offices and laboratories are located in Richardson Hall which was dedicated in 1999.

Rodney G. Swanson Computer-Aided Manufacturing Laboratory

Contains sophisticated optical scanning and computer equipment for our scanning/modeling research program.

Sohn Family Wood Science & Engineering Conference Room

Nicely furnished location for meetings, departmental seminars and student presentations.

Stem Physiology and Microscopy Laboratories
TAPPI Standard / X-Ray Densitometer Lab

Paper testing and densitometry.

V. Dean Swanson Wood Physics/Moisture Relations Laboratory
Wheeler NDE / Materials Evaluation Laboratory

Nondestructive and other evaluations of wood and composite material properties.

Wheeler Wood Composites Laboratory

Houses 900 ton automated hot press with 4 ft. sq. platen, as well as blending and forming equipment for the manufacture of composite materials.

Willamette Industries Wood Chemistry Laboratory and Pulping Laboratory
Wood Drying Laboratory

Wood Drying Laboratory with Wellons dry kiln.

Wood Products Pathology and Preservatives Chemistry Laboratories
Wood Sample Preparation Lab

Equipment and facilities to support research and teaching, including grinders, ovens, saws, etc., and a large sample storage area.


Houses the OSU collection of wood samples from around the world.