Art & Design Careers

Career Paths

The Renewable Materials (Art & Design option) degree program prepares graduate for numerous career opportunities, including: 
  • Interior Design - Create spaces appropriate for a variety of applications utilizing a developed sense of color, aesthetics, and appropriate materials.
  • Furniture Design - Design and build your own furniture utilizing skills gained in the studio learning style to build pieces that are both beautiful and functional.
  • Specialty Woods Marketing and Production - Scout for character wood like curly, birds eye, and spalted to sell to manufacturers; create your own character wood or interact with developing markets across the world in changing perceptions of flawless wood-based products
Given the diversity in the ways we use wood products and other renewable materials, it is no surprise that career opportunities are just as numerous. Nationwide, the industry employs over 2,000,000 people in 100’s of thousands of locations. The Art & Design option is oriented toward a design career, but also provides exposure to the fundamentals of business practices, as well as a strong grounding in art theory. Graduates work to design novel spaces and products, engage with the expanding decorative woods market, promote intelligent, interesting uses of renewable materials.
Renewable Materials graduates are in high demand in lumber mills, plywood plants, architectural firms, interior products companies, green-building companies and environmental testing firms, among others.