What Will You Learn? (Art & Design)

The Renewable Materials degree, with the Art & Design option, prepares students to engage with renewable materials on an aesthetic level, whether as interior designers, fine artists, or entrepreneurs. Students will gain an in-depth knowledge of how renewable materials can function visually within the human space. In addition, students will achieve an understanding of green building materials and green architecture. 

Students enrolled in the option will:

• Understand 2D and 3D form.
• Understand aesthetics and how they differaround the world. 
• Design and build with wood and otherrenewable materials for decorative interiors.
• Understand the underlying biological factors in‘character wood’ and how these factors affect design.
• Develop a sound physical, chemical, andstructural knowledge of wood as a designmaterial.
We are training the next generation of sustainability professionals who:
  • Are innovative scientists, designers, artisans, engineers and business people who want to make a difference
  • Fill a growing demand for professionals in the manufacture, marketing, design, and utilization of natural materials
  • Have a broad education that emphasizes STEM to STEAM
  • Enhance local, regional and global sustainability

Renewable Materials Undergraduate Advising Guide (PDF)

OSU Catalog Description: Renewable Materials Curriculum

Interested in the RM degree? Find out more: renewablematerials.oregonstate.edu