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Why a BS in Renewable Materials?

A more sustainable society requires that we use more renewable materials to make the products we need rather than continue to depend on oil and other non-renewable materials.  The demand for a greener future is at the heart of the WS&E department and especially of our degree programs.  Please use this site as your entry into the research, teaching and outreach programs at OSU that support that vision.

We offer an undergraduate degree program in RENEWABLE MATERIALS to educate and train the next generation of leaders and innovators for exciting and diverse careers that will make a difference toward a sustainable future. Our degree program is accredited by SWST.

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WS&E News

Tornadoes Raise Questions About Building Practices, Code Enforcement

There is no practical, economic way to build structures that could stand up to the savagery of EF5 tornadoes like those that ripped through the South in late April, experts say, but damage from lesser storms could be reduced by better building practices and better enforcement of existing codes.

Getting more out of the forest

Composite wood products have had a bad reputation over the years, being considered a low-cost means of using commercial waste or low-quality wood.

That image is changing, and Fred Kamke is helping make sure it continues to change.

Green chemistry is becoming a red-hot field

Anyone in the market for some green plywood or green carpet tiles? I'm not talking about redecorating with an Irish motif, it's the infusion of some green chemistry into the manufacturing process that makes these "green" products appealing. Green chemistry is red hot these days, as it should be. What is it?



Effects of Metal and Mineral Nano-Materials in Wood-Composite Panels

Nano-metals and minerals have the potential to markedly alter the properties of wood based composites, but there have been few commercial successes. This seminar will review the previous efforts to use nano-particles in composites and then outline…


WSE Seminar Series: Ben Deumling, Zena Forest Products

This presentation will discuss the history and ecology of Oregon White Oak here in the Willamette Valley.  It will include details regarding the sawing and drying of the wood as well as the unique challenges of working with this particular species. Additionally the…


WSE Seminar Series: Stewart W. Bailey, Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Since humans first endeavored to leave the ground with hot air balloons in the 1780s, wood has been an integral part of the design of flying machines, and is still used in many modern designs due to its light weight…


WSE Seminar Series: Grant Kirker, USDA Forest Products Lab

The Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) was established in 1910 and mainly focused on preservation of railroad ties. Since then, FPL has been involved in decades of pioneering research focused on the wise and efficient use our nation’s natural resources. Dr. Kirker is a…


WSE Seminar Series: Rick Loduha, Finlandia University

The transition to sustainable life on Earth is this century's design challenge. Eliminating waste and maximizing resource efficiency top the 'to do' list. Architectural demolition debris is a major contributor to municipal landfills but the greater loss is that of the…