Renewable Materials

James Boulger

“The forest products industry appealed to me because of the management and technology … The RM program allows a lot of flexibility to study other fields, while still focusing on creating a sustainable wood products industry.”
-James Boulger, Renewable Materials student

Design, manufacture and market products made from renewable materials for construction, consumer products, energy production, fine art and architecture, and more.

  • A sustainable world requires greater use of green renewable materials and demands college graduates who know how to efficiently produce, market and use these materials. The wood products industry continues to develop clean, responsible methods of production with less waste, even as demand for wood-based products increases.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Renewable Materials (RM) is designed to teach you how to help the world replace oil-based and other non-renewable materials with plant-based renewable alternatives and shape the future of wood products design and manufacturing.
  • The goal of the Renewable Materials program is to provide you with a specialized knowledge and broad skillset emphasizing the science and technology concerning plant-based renewable materials. Wood, bamboo, straw and many other plant-based materials can be used to provide housing, consumer products, energy and other benefits for society. Doing so efficiently and sustainably is at the core of this program.
  • As a Renewable Materials student, you will have three options of study to choose from to focus your studies: Art & DesignMarketing & Management and Science & Engineering

Science & Engineering Option

The Science & Engineering (S&E) option focuses on science, technology and engineering, and enables you  to solve problems, create efficiencies and promote intelligent use of renewable materials.

Marketing & Management Option

The Marketing & Management (M&M) option focuses on the business and marketing side of renewable materials and prepares students to help organizations solve problems, discover consumer desires for new product features, and develop new international markets for existing products.

Art & Design Option

The Art and Design option within the program prepares students to engage with renewable materials on an aesthetic level, whether as interior designers, fine artists, or entrepreneurs.